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In today’s technology saturated world with high speed internet connectivity, online business presence in the form of an attractive website is a minimum requirement. Your business website should have welcoming qualities, A well designed business website can accrue many benefits

Importance of Website for Business

Check Out These Essential Elements for a Successful and Professional Business Website

Identify your goals

Know your purpose and communicate this. Make it clear upfront, preferably on your home page, who you are and what you do.

Outline your target audience

The first marketing basic for a business website is to determine your relevant stakeholders means the target audience whom you expect to visit your website. So, plan your target audience, make a list of keywords they will be interested in, look for the phrases they will be searching and also check out whether the design and visuals of your website are suitable for that target audience or not.

Make your site easy to navigate

Navigation does not need to be complicated. It should be easy to identify and easy to use. It is also important to keep navigational menus to a minimum so you don’t overwhelm users. Depending on the type of site, five to ten menu navigation items are the top end of what you should aim for.

Include high quality content

Your content should be high quality. It is content that your users want to read and search engines love too. It is content that is original and purposeful and ranks well.

Clear & Visible call to action

An effective, attractive and relevant CTA is very, very important. Make sure the CTA text tells your potential customers exactly what action they will be taking when they click on the button

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