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It’s true that people who are living in apartments don’t give much attention to home security, comparing to the people who are living in houses. Since they feel they are close to their neighbors and there will be no unusual activity or if anyone needs to enter is the only one easy way through the front door.

Visitor Management System for Apartments

But, this belief is coating many apartment owners & renters as apartment break –in rates are increasing day by day. To avoid this risk it is important to know about visitor management for apartments.

What Is A Visitor Management And How Does It Benefits For Apartments.

Visitor management is simple software, which helps to manage and track Visitors, Guest, Daily Workers, Contract Labors, Servants etc., who will entry to Residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies, etc.

How Does It Benefit For Apartments

Visitor Management System for Apartments will maintain the records of Visitor Photo, to whom they visited, their entry and exit time, Vehicle details, Items carried etc., these records are very useful in case of some eventuality and if the identity of a visitor is required at a later date.

Importance Features of Visitor Management Software forApartments

Easy to operate a regular security person can operate the software in an easy manner

Each flat/house owner can be individual identified

Simple way to generate visitor pass by entering required visitor details with photo ID and Flat/house number

System will help you to identify unwanted black listed person/strangers

A pop –up alert /warning message will be sent to securities at the time of threats

Generate required daily In & Out details which can be helpful in moderate of maintenance bills

Generate prior bulk passes with respect the events or celebrations organized/conducted by Flat owners or tenants or Residents Welfare Association

Why People Living In Apartments Don't Have Security Systems

The majority of people who live in apartments don’t use a monitored security system, they just don’t realize how easy it is to get and install a visitor management for security purpose.

They don’t think they are as at risk as other homes.

Security guidelines for apartments are no different than other homes. However, this feeling can be understandable. The fact that there are more people around makes people feel safer. They feel that thieves are deterred by the mere fact that there are more residents and there is someone home at all times.

Reality is the fact there are more people around makes them less likely to notice a burglary. Apartment dwellers are used to having noise from other residents all the time. Unless a burglar makes an unusually high level of noise, they are unlikely to notice anything at all. Burglars are very good at performing their work quietly.

They don’t want any major installation.

Another common reason that is given is that they won’t be living there long. These two reasons go together. A visitor management security system doesn’t require any evasive installation and is actually quick to install

In fact, it is a one-time installation. You can install these in just a few minutes.

The building has visitor log book or security guards

These things certainly help to increase the level of security, but how often have you seen someone walk into an apartment building behind other residents?

Do you require Apartment Visitor Management System for Your Apartments/Residencies? If you liked to integrate and want to secure your Apartments/Residencies, we can discuss and tell you how apartment visitor management software can be customized and developed according to your Apartments/Residencies requirement to secure your company.

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