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When someone visits your website for the first time, there’s a limited opportunity to convince them to stay on your site, click through your pages, and make return visits in the future. No pressure, right?

While there’s no perfect formula for a homepage that’s sure to capture the attention of every person who visits your site, including these six key elements can vastly increases your chances.

6 Essential elements every website homepage should have

Clear navigation Your navigation should be easy to understand and use for a first-time visitor. You want someone to arrive on your website and know exactly where they can find the information they want and need without being confused.

It should also reflect your buyer's typical behavior on your site by bringing the pages they visit most often to the forefront. For example, if your blog is your most highly trafficked page, make it easily accessible through your navigation.

Text Content The language of your site matters. It is best to not only describe what you do but to connect it to why it matters to the visitor. Keep your content simple and easy to read, and avoid industry jargon by being conscious of your target audience. Connecting with the visitor, using a brand-consistent voice, and convincing them about how they will benefit from you are essential for maintaining interest.

Call to Action The goal of your website’s homepage is to pique the interest of visitors and prompt them to delve deeper into the pages of your website. A call to action (CTA) is one way to pull people into the interior pages, begin the selling cycle, or at least initiate direct contact. CTA areas or buttons can be linked to contact forms, subscription enrollment forms, or other pages within your website that provide more information. The easier and more intriguing you make it for the visitor to click this CTA, the better the chance they will invest time in browsing your website.

Links to Social Media You want people to follow and engage with your company on your social media. So, on your homepage place social media buttons in a consistent, conventional place, where people can easily find them when needed

Increasing your social following helps increase the number of eyes that are on your content and are more likely to click back to your website on a regular basis.

Contact information Contact information is obviously important if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, as people need to know how to locate you. But even online websites or businesses can benefit from having contact information on the homepage. Provide a phone number or email address for visitors to reach out with questions and comments.

Reviews and testimonials If you sell products or services, having reviews for your content is pivotal to your success. If you aren’t a well-known brand (which is the case for most small businesses), your visitors will want reassurance that they can expect quality products or services from you. Ask your past customers to write testimonials, point out any positive media coverage your company has received, or include your best-reviewed products on your homepage.

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