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User interaction on your website provides you the opportunity to collect data about your customers and potential new customers. You can use these data points to make strategic business decisions, as well as improve any part of your website or business that affects your buyer’s journey. The main goal of having a business website is to attract more visitors, who can turn into customers. And, for this, the website needs to have a great quality content, which is also search engine optimized.

So when creating your site make sure to keep your website visitors’ experience in mind so you can boost website visits, engagement, and improve the user experience.

Ecommerce Website Design Tips to Increase Your Sales

Given below are some tips that can increase the customer interaction on the business websites:

Content: If you’re looking to interact with your website visitors, acquire new customers, and decrease your website bounce rate, start with your content. Make your content easy to read by breaking up the text. Include images and videos in your blog posts.

Calls to Action: The sites should be clearly organized and the visitors should be able to clearly identify where to go and what to look out for. Instead of packing the sites with crazy widgets, videos, links and other things, the visitor should be clearly guided towards his next action step. This can increase the positive interaction on the site.

Live Chats: Most of the business websites these days have live chats, where the customer support personnel usually interact with the customers as soon as they visit the site. This increases the customer interaction and helps the business in understanding what the customer is looking for.

Using chat is cost effective, helps increase sales, and provides you with an abundance amount of user data. The data that chat provides goes beyond just knowing how many chats you receive a day or which representative chatted with which customer.

Make Your Website Easy To Navigate: Website visitors are impatient and they aren’t going to stay on a website if they have a hard time finding their way around it. Keep your navigation bar consistent throughout your website and title each section in an obvious manner. Put your navigation bar at the top of your website.

Contact Details: Proper contact details should be provided on the site so that the visitors can contact the businesses through emails or social media links. The contacts page should be visible on the landing page and other pages.

Social Sharing Buttons: The best way to increase user interaction on your website is to increase website visitors. You can do this by allowing your site visitors to do the work of promoting your site to their social circles. Including social sharing tools on your site is the first step to using your website visitor’s network to increase your website traffic.

Responsive: One of the top priorities for a business is to respond to all customer queries. Providing a space where your blog readers can engage with you is an excellent way to improve the user experience with your content. Remember that no business can flourish without the customers, so reaching out to them and interacting with them is the key to the growth of business.

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