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Building a website isn’t easy. There are many websites with good content, but the design is poor. Also, a site with good design lacks maintenance. Web development isn’t about implementing the codes on a website; web design also plays an essential role in the development process.

Your website is the face of your company. People will look at your website while doing their research. It has to be unique and perfect. People visiting your website should get what they are looking for. Every website needs a good content management system

Website Development is the process. There are multiple stages of website development. Here we will discuss all the different phases of website design & development –

Web Design And Web Development Process-A Complete Guide

1. Information Gathering:

This is the most important phase of website design & development. The primary stage of website development is gathering information that is analyzing clients needs & requirements also known as “Discovery phase”. In this phase, the designer portrays the client’s vision into the paper. In the discovery phase, it is important to understand the purpose of creating a website, it is also very important to know the goal of the website, which targets audience you want to get targeted, type of content your target audience will look for? These factors are very crucial to determine in the fundamental phase of website design.

2. Planning :

After you have gathered sufficient information about the business, it’s time for the creation of sitemaps and wireframe. A sitemap is made with the information collected in the first stage. The primary motive of a site map is to create a website user-friendly and create a structure of a site. A wireframe provides a visual description of a site. Other than that, decide what functions and feature you want in a site. This function includes login, email subscription, admin, live chat, and so much more.

3. Design:

This is the creative phase of website design. This is the phase where designer put their heart & soul into it. Also, communication plays a major role here. The designer needs to understand each & every aspect of the client expectation & try to sketch it. From logo design to selecting templates everything is discovered in this phase.

4. Development:

After designing, there is a development phase also known as ‘implementing phase’. In this stage, the design of your website is now under developers to run the codes on it. A web developer will use codes on the site to make it function and run smoothly. It is the most crucial step in development as the graphic design in the previous stage comes to life. As per sitemaps, a home page is first designed than the other pages.

Now, this is the phase where your actual website starts its implementation. Here, we integrate all the information that we had collected from initial phases. Creating Database, logic & actual programming is done here.

5. Content Writing:

Content writing After the development process, now it’s time write the content on your website. Excellent and engaging content is necessary to grab the attention of the people. The content should be modified for the website with headings, subheadings, tags, etc. so that people can find what they are searching.

6. Testing & Delivery:

After the Development phase, there is a Testing & Discovery Phase. The testing is done by QA, also responsible for preparing the test cases. The following are the types of website testing

1. Content Testing

2. Functional Testing

3. Design Testing

All the necessary tests are performed on a website before launching it into the World Wide Web.

7. Maintenance:

Once a site is launched, doesn't mean the end of services. To avoid further inconvenience, most developers are happy to provide maintenance services. The last phase is Maintenance, in this stage, the maintenance of the website is done for a limited time period only. Maintenance means updating the contents & design of the website. The maintenance facility provided for the limited time provided by the company but if the user wants to extend the service they have to are charged extra for it.


Everything is designed. Few things are designed well is what we believe in. Hence, in case you need an expert help in the design and development Process of your website, Hiring a web developer is the best way to take your business online. A developer takes care of all the details that designing a website needs that you might overlook. You can easily get a mobile-friendly web design that suits your business needs.

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