Visitor Management System For Apartment

In modern times where security becomes more & more challenging in most buildings, commercial complexes and residential apartments find it is mandatory to track visitors.

Embassy IT Solutions Apartment Visitor Management Software is a perfect and smart solution to manage and track Visitors, Guest, Daily Workers, Contract Labors, Servants etc., of Residential complexes, apartments, housing colonies, etc. The Apartment Visitor Management System will maintain the records of Visitor Photo, to whom they visited, their entry and exit time, Vehicle details, Items carried etc., these records are very useful in case of some eventuality and if identity of a visitor is required at a later date.

Key Features

Easy to Operate

Regular Security Person / Front Office Executive can operate this software with minimal training

Individual Identity

Each Flat / House can be uniquely identified with Flat Owner and his/her family members and mobile number to send SMS and alerts about Visitor Info, Entry and Exit messages.

Simple steps to generate Visitor Pass

Minimum entries like, Capture Photo, Visitor Name, Mobile Number, Photo ID Name and Number with Flat number, Name of the person to whom he wants to visit

Search Flat and Person to Visit by Mobile number

Secured, encrypted version Mob number to search Flat owner name and number to create Visitor Pass

Quick Visitor Pass for repetitive Visitors

Search Visitor previous registered information by entering Mobile number or Finger print scanner

Bar-Code ID Cards for Contract/ Housekeeper

Periodical Photo with Barcode / Biometric access ID card for Servant/Maids, Gardeners, Housekeepers, Maintenance Staff, etc.,

Attendance Management of Securities and Operators

System will record the daily attendance (IN and OUT) of Securities, Operators through Biometric, which helps for Maintenance team or Association for salary bill process

Identify Block list person / Stranger

System will helps security and Association to create or to set flag for Visitor as Black List person / Stranger. So that, system will pop-up alert / warning message to Securities or VMS operator/s .

Guest Passes for Celebrations and Events

Can generate prior bulk passes with respect the events or celebrations organized / conducted by Flat owners or tenants or Residents Welfare Association.


Can generate many reports like consolidate visitor reports, wrt to flat/block, wrt visitor, Staff attendance report, Event Visitor reports, Block listed or restricted visitors report, Frequent visitors report, Maid or servants entry and exit reports and many of your choice…

Say good bye to the traditional and outdated way of using ledger / log book / registers at Entry and Exist gates of smart and moderate apartment complexes